How To Use LastPass For Your Virtual Assistant Business

Today's tech talk is all about passwords. As the world becomes more tech driven and life gets faster, my brain seems to be fried when it comes to remembering passwords. Not only am I responsible for various logins for myself, but as a virtual assistant you enter the realm of password keeper for every client you serve. Sorry, but that is just too much for me to keep track of. If you are struggling to juggle life & biz, I have free solution for your password struggles (no this post is NOT sponsored). Hello LastPass, an app and extension for your web browser!

How To Set Up & Share:

1. Create a free LastPass account.’s going to have you create a master password that you don’t want to forget because if forgotten, your account has to be wiped & reset.

2. Add the LastPass extension to your browser so you can access + save your various account info.

Click on the extension and “open my vault”

3. Add your first account (plus sign > add info > save). If we are working together, I suggest adding your Dubsado account info here.

4. Share your details with whomever needs access (click people > type email of whom you want to share with > save). And you are done!

Favorite LastPass Features:

Password Filing!!! You have the option to make folders in the app to organize your passwords and for your home girl, this makes my life way more organized. Drag & drop each password file where you want it.

Bookmarking!!! I like to think of Lastpass as a great website bookmarking tool as well. Just a simple click in the LastPass vault and you are to your site + logged in immediately. No need for a toolbar of bookmarks.

Password Generation!!! If you are ready to up your password game, LastPass will create passwords for you and you can even define the parameters.

Finally, let’s circle back to the fact that LastPass is FREE! If you decide to upgrade it’s a whopping $3 a month, which is pennies in the biz world.

P.S. If you are a LastPass user but want a little more bang for your buck...there is another password keeper called Dash Lane. The perks to Dash Lane are that you get a free VPN (which is amazing) and the option to add identity theft insurance on your account.


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